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Foxit Reader is a PDR reader that comes with a series of innovative features that make working with these documents much easier. Plus, it offers better performance than Adobe Reader when it comes to loading documents and viewing them in a way that flows naturally.

Use Foxit Reader's tabs to open several documents at the same time, and the bookmark system to quickly access a specific part of the txt. It is fully compatible with just about all files read by Adobe's proprietary software, except for PDX.

Foxit Reader includes a multimedia player that can process all media files embedded in PDF documents, a common occurrence in many e-books; a magnifying glass to better see details in pages, and a feature that allows you to use automatic scroll. It also lets you take notes on the documents, underline texts, and draw on the PDF pages.

Apart from being able to carry out modifications in documents which have already been created, it allows you to create PDF files from scratch, allowing you to create them based on other compatible text document, from scanned documents, and from the clipboard.

Other Foxit Reader features worth pointing out include its social options, as it comes with a tool that integrates Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, and Microsoft SharePoint. It also comes with several collaborative work tools, version control, and a note system that can be used by several users.

Some features are only available on the program's pro versions, and not on the free one.


For Windows ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8